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Scope of Expertise

Biotechnological and Medical Professionals
Automated Coral Culture Technology
Providing High-quality Medical Materials

Committed to the development of marine diversity coral research and development, genetically modified species, natural marine organisms to extract the index components of animals, the ocean contains 73 kinds of natural minerals, the vast ocean is unfathomable. There are over 430,000 species of coral species. The dense biological chain is rich in marine living resources. Coral is a natural medical material for human and the most important source of immortal life in the future.  Popeye gathers biotechnological, medical professionals utilizing biological characteristics to extract aggregates, teeth, anti-tumor and lymph as other natural medicines. We have established a number of core research and development technologies to seek breakthroughs in biotechnology cultivation.

Popeye will lead the world in the development of automated coral culture technology and the development of biomedical materials.   It is the first in the world to be built according to global standards and in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), GMP,  ISO 13485 Medical devices quality management systems standards and International Organization for Standardization, the world's only coral automated medical material cultivation farm, with international standards and comprehensive research and service strategy approach to harnessing the criticality of marine corals raw material sources, unique artificial cultivation technology, clinical trials and intellectual property rights management services provide high-quality and reliable raw materials for customers. It is the sustainable way to support future technologies and become the most index-leading enterprise in the marine biotech industry.